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  • Browse & Search!

    Explore stores around your location right from your phone. See what is open and closest to you, or simply search for your favorite products and see where to find them!

  • Mobile Order

    Easily purchase your favourite products for pickup or delivery through the app. Simply stop by to pick up your already-made order or the store will have your products delivered!

  • Poof Credits Rewards

    For a limited time receive Poof Credits as a sign-up bonus. These credits are discount tokens that can be used at any store displayed on the app for savings on your order. Earn more credits the more you use the app!

  • Verified Reviews and Ratings

    Review and rate the store, along with all products that you have purchased from the app. It’s time to let us know how “dank” that bud really is.

  • Built just for you

    Submit feedback to us directly through the app and request a feature or any changes you would like made to the app. We were made for YOU!

  • Many more features on the way!

    Our goal is to make customers the priority by ensuring a smooth experience with all the tools you need to make an informed purchase. No headaches, just vibes.


Message from the Team:

The days of uncertainty and black-market dealers are looming behind us. Our goal is to make a fair and legal option for us connoisseurs to enjoy the fruits of legal cannabis. We are nothing without the amazing cannabis community behind us – stay lit, stay safe, and poof on!