How The Marketplace Works: For Retailers

Integrate with your current POS

We are partnered with the leading POS systems and will easily integrate our marketplace application with your current POS.

Digital storefront creation

Our team of dedicated designers will create your digital storefront and online presence within the marketplace.

New customers coming your way

With our growing community, you can expect a new stream of active customers to discover and purchase products from your digital storefront.

What happens when it works?

We will send over one simple invoice when we do our job correctly and bring in over X orders within the month.

How The Marketplace Works: For Customers

Sign up: Marketplace

Easily sign up onto our mobile application through the App Store or Google Play. (Keep an eye out for Poof Credits Referrals)

Create your Profile

Set yourself a username and password to start using the marketplace to discover new storefronts in your area

Discover new products

Every store has different products and prices. Use the marketplace to choose the best product and store for your convenience.

Purchase and pick up

After purchasing your products online, the budtenders at the dispensary will have your order ready for you before you even walk in!

The Poof Marketplace is a digital marketplace application for consumers to discover and explore dispensaries in their area.